Yellow kiwi varieties

Gold Passion
New generation variety

Gold passion™ is a late variety of new-generation kiwis with yellow flesh, a premium fruit resulting from the collaboration between the famous australian grower skelton and the well-known new zealand company, enza fruit international.

gold passion

Gold passion™ has a refreshing and refined flavour with an initial agreeable sweetness leaving a sensation of cleanness on the palate, with an aftertaste of citrus fruits reflecting the ideal balance between sugars and acidity.

Gold passion™ is packed by member facilities following a rigorous quality protocol and marketed exclusively by the kiwi passion consortium, which is actively engaged in marketing and communication.

Gold passion profile

Gold Passion®

Excellent nutritional qualities

Quantities per 100 g portion

Calories 60

Calories from fats 0,28 g

* Daily values in %

Total fats 0,52 g


Saturated fats 0,124 g


Cholesterol < 0,5 mg

< 1%

Salt 0,007 g

< 1%

Potassium 315 mg


Total carbohydrates 14,8 g




Sugars 10,3 g

Protein 1,24 g

Vitamin A 3%

Vitamin C 202%

Calcium 2%

Iron 2%

Vitamin E 12%

* Daily values in percentages are calculated on a diet of 2000 calories


Average weight105 gr
Germination8 / 10 days (before Hayward)
Blossoming15 / 20 days (before Hayward)
Harvesting8 days (before Hayward)
Firmness of the harvest5 Kg
Dry matter content at harvest> 17.5 %
Storage4 / 5 months a 0°C
Brix at consumption15,5 / 16,5° Brix
Firmness at consumption0,7 / 1,2 Kg


The difference also lies in the packaging

Our kiwis are packed and marketed only by members of the Kiwi Passion™ Consortium following a rigorous quality protocol. We pay special attention to environmental issues and are always searching for innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions, which are always partially or fully compostable.

Our packaging is carefully designed down to the smallest detail, so as to be visually appealing, functional and able to ensure unaltered quality during storage and transportation.

Gold Passion®

Tray 2,2 KG Net

Measurements: 30 x 40 x 70 cm
PALLET EURO 80×120 cm
base 8×30 layers = 240 packs
base 10×30 layers = 300 packs

Gold Passion®

Box 5,5 KG Net

Measurements: 30 x 40 x 13 cm
PALLET EURO 80×120 cm
base 8×16 layers = 128 packs
base 10×16 layers = 160 packs

Gold Passion®


TRIANGULAR 6 x 250/300 gr. 1,5/1,8 Kg net

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