Our respect for the Earth grows along with our fruits and stays with them throughout the entire process. We are careful to minimise the impact of our actions on the environment and to promote a responsible behaviour, in line with global trends and consumer expectations.

In our eyes, acting sustainably means growing only top-quality, healthy and nutritious fruits, optimising the use of water and energy resources also through innovation. A commitment that we keep by supporting our growers’ businesses and nurturing their growth together with that of their fruits.


Kiwi Passion™ performs its activities by showing respect for natural resources and adopting solutions that are careful about the impact on our surrounding environment. A form of gratitude that we like to display also through a responsible commitment towards the community at large.


Recyclable and sustainable materials used for our packaging.
Renewable sources for the energy that we use.
Optimisation of irrigation systems so as not to waste a precious resource.
Crops that are in line with standards through the use of natural substances with no synthetic products, pesticides or chemical fertilisers, engaging in an integrated fight against diseases.

In harmony
with nature.

Kiwi passion™ produces a significant part of all its varieties using organic methods that fully respect nature.
Thanks to a detailed quality manual and scrupulous adherence to european regulations, we can guarantee our customers and end consumers a natural, healthy and delicious fruit.

Fruit from sustainable farming

Presentazione di gold e red kiwi passion

For Kiwi Passion™ sustainability means listening to nature and respecting its times and possibilities, so as to ensure a healthy, varied diet for those who need it, through improved food safety, the traceability of each single process in the supply chain, while also ensuring respect for all the staff involved.
We get our inspiration from the following basic principles:
Ecological viability: our work must respect the ecosystem
Financial viability : our work must follow sustainable production models.
Social responsibility : our work must contribute to the well-being of the growers and society at large.