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Our consortium members’ passion is our strength.

Kiwi Passion™ combines the passion of hundreds of producers who share their love for the Earth and its fruits. Continuous research and a desire to experiment with new ideas help us to achieve daily improvements, so we can bring to our consumers’ tables wholesome and tasty products, while also providing details about each of our growers.

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Kiwis have a colourful future

Did you know that the actinidia is the most important species introduced into cultivation in the last 100 years? Up to a few decades ago, the only known type of kiwi was the Hayward kiwi of the Deliciosa species, but today kiwis have become an actual category of fruits with various selected species and varieties winning over new groups of consumers.

Why don’t you become a Kiwi Passion™ partner?

The synergy among the Kiwi Passion™ members can offer a great opportunity. You can share the resources of the partners and our know-how, exploiting the potential of a fast-developing market which is showing record-breaking numbers in Italy.

All the advantages of becoming a Kiwi Passion™ grower:

A novel and unique product.

Definite and constant income from facilities.

A quality brand and a single sales organisation.

Qualified technical and agronomic assistance.

Coordinated nursery management.

A quality control system at each stage of the supply chain.

Safeguarding and protection of varieties.

An integrated communication and marketing system.

Why don’t you become a Kiwi Passion™ partner?

The synergy among the Kiwi Passion™ members can offer a great opportunity. You can share the resources of the partners and our know-how, exploiting the potential of a fast-developing market which is showing record-breaking numbers in Italy.

All the advantages of becoming a Kiwi Passion™ grower:

1. A novel and unique product.

2. Definite and constant income from facilities.

3. A quality brand and a single sales organisation.

4. Qualified technical and agronomic assistance.

5. Coordinated nursery management.

6. A quality control system at each stage of the supply chain.

7. Safeguarding and protection of varieties.

8. An integrated communication and marketing system.


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We are the partners of Kiwi Passion

a group born from a collaboration among Italian and European companies wishing to protect, develop and market a range of premium fruits in terms of taste and quality.


Our red and yellow flesh varieties have been selected to provide a sensory experience in step with the new market trends in the kiwi sector.

The Neapoli-Agrinio Agricultural Cooperative is a pioneering company in the field of processing and standardization of white and green asparagus and kiwi.

In 1998, 24 people formed an association of asparagus producers, with a shared vision and concern for their crops, which led to the establishment of the AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE.

Today the cooperative has 70 members who mainly grow asparagus and kiwi. Being a cooperative organization, the main objective of the Neapoli-Agrinio Agricultural Cooperative is not only to commercially enhance the products grown by its members, but also to preserve the high quality of the products themselves.


In the early 1970s, Aldo Lepidio, a farmer with a passion for his work and his desire to improve his business, went in search of new crops. He knows actinidia and, supported by an agronomist, he evaluates that the climatic conditions of his area seem to be ideal for that crop.
Risking, but with a lot of conviction, in 1973 he planted the first 550 kiwi plants on an area of ​​12,000 square meters.
The first years are one of waiting, difficult to overcome and marked by constant surprises; everything is to be done. Among the many varieties of plants tested (Bruno, Monti, Abboth, Arlinson, etc.) the HAYWARD is the best. It is then necessary to understand which form of farming and which type of pruning are best suited, define the right nutritional needs, the amount of water needed and the type of irrigation system, etc. two collections, during which it is hard to put the product on the market, and at the end of the 70s, the expected results arrive.
Camfruit offers the best selection of nursery plants in the Kiwi industry.
We are producers of the best kiwi varieties and a recognized nursery that deals with large and small development projects of Actinidia plants with thirty years of experience in the sector. Because every client is important to us, we make sure we spend the time helping them select plants for their site. With over 30 hectares of land used for cultivation and growth and 800,000 plants produced annually, we meet the highest quality standards, aspiring to become the leader of the Italian and European nursery market.
The company “CONVI. Di Spada Renato Società Agricola” has been a nursery for 40 years and a farm for over 60 years.
It immediately tried to cultivate and multiply new fruit varieties and today it can be considered one of the most specialized companies in the cultivation of actinidia.The company, with about one hundred hectares planted with nurseries and orchards, is located in the hills of the Emilia region -Romagna in the province of Ravenna, an area very suitable for the cultivation of kiwi.


CO.FRU.LLEIDA, created in 2001, was born as a mediation agency. In the early years she devoted herself above all to the movement between Spain and Italy, of peaches, pears, apples and oranges.
Over time, it has expanded its import-export business to Germany, Eastern and Northern European countries.
Currently COFRULLEIDA is mainly dedicated to the KIWI trade, buying and selling around 5,000 tons throughout the season.


Fresh Del Monte® is one of the world leaders that vertically integrate the production, sale and distribution of fruit and vegetables.
Fresh Del Monte is also a leader in the production and distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa of packaged fruit and vegetables, beverages, fruit juices, fruit-based desserts and ready-made products. Fresh Del Monte sells its fresh products worldwide under the Del Monte brand. Since 1892, consumers have recognized Del Monte® as a guarantee and quality brand for top quality products.


Located in Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo, in a setting with the Monviso as its background; the company is surrounded by a plain full of orchards and can boast agricultural products of absolute excellence.
It was founded by two main partners, Banchio Romualdo and Banchio Graziano, owners of the farms of the same name. The partners, directly involved in the management of the company, guarantee a continuous and careful control of the products conferred since the collection and GlobalGap and Grasp certificates, continuing with the conservation, processing and marketing of the product. deals with fruit trade, with a prevalent export activity, dedicated to a large market. In search of continuous ideas for improvement, it is trying to expand its markets by aiming not only at a European level but also at a global level, trying to develop overseas sales more and more. Eden Fruit Soc. Coop. Agr., Has had since 2012 certified Bio, Brc and Ifs and subsequently CoC certificates with which, thanks to a detailed quality manual with defined and clear procedures, it tries to guarantee customers and final consumers an excellent and healthy product, beautiful to to see and good to taste.


Fruitsworldwide is a company specialized in the management of overseas fresh fruit export programs, with a strong vocation in the typical products of this activity: kiwifruit, apples, citrus fruits.We assist both cooperative and private companies to broaden their commercial horizons, within of a network that boasts solid leadership in the markets in which it operates.
We personally check all the links in the supply chain, from production to storage, from packaging to ocean logistics.We guarantee adequate coverage of the North to South American markets through local partner companies.Since 2015 we are also agents of T&G New Zealand IN EUROPE for their varieties of patented kiwifruit, as well as attorneys of T&G Kiwifruit New Zealand.This allows us to take advantage of the precious commercial collaboration of the Enza International offices in Europe, Far East. Australia and New Zealand.

Fruits de Ponent is an agricultural cooperative whose foundations are supported by its partners, who, over the years, from generation to generation, have cultivated the cooperative principles of internal democracy, transparent administration, independent decision-making, community education and training, cooperation and charity.

Made up of four first degree cooperatives (Camp d’Alcarràs i Secció de Crèdit, Agrària Progressiva Benavent-La Portella, Ramell and Agrària del Llobregós), Fruits de Ponent, as such, was born as a second degree cooperative in 1992 and became a cooperative group in 2020.

Today it is a company in the food sector that produces healthy foods such as fresh fruit, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, cereals and processed foods such as fruit juices and syrups.

Greenyard Fresh Italy has its headquarters in the province of Verona and is the Italian subsidiary of the Belgian Greenyard. Greenyard, (Euronext Brussels: GREEN), founded by Hein Deprez, is a world leader in the sector of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables. Among its customers it boasts the major European retailers. It differs from its competitors in offering efficient and sustainable solutions that it makes available to both customers and manufacturers.
Greenyard’s Vision aims to make people’s lives healthier, making both fruit and vegetables available at any time, in an easy, fast and pleasant way, always respecting the environment and nature.
With approximately 9,000 employees operating in 23 countries around the world, the company identifies its key resources in its staff and in relationships with customers and manufacturers. These values ​​allow it to supply goods and services for a value of approximately 4 billion euros per year.
The Català Group is a family company dedicated to the production and distribution of stone fruit and pome fruit since 1950. With a total of 2,500 hectares of agricultural land distributed between Spain and France, our estimated production is 150 million kg of apricots, peaches, nectarines, peaches, cherries, plums, pears, apples, kiwis and persimmons.
Currently, the Catalá Group has a total plant area of ​​140,000 m2, with a cooling capacity of 50,000 tons, distributed in the centers of La Portella, Mérida, Villena, Torrefarrera, Tenerife, Badajoz and Les Mees (France).
Le Cerasare Agricultural Cooperative Society has been operating with considerable success for many years in the fruit and vegetable sector. It is a young and dynamic company that deals with the processing and wholesale of kiwis and citrus fruits.
Reliability, quality and, last but not least, passion, represent the cornerstone in the control and selection criteria of our kiwifruit and citrus fruits together with professionalism and dedication to guarantee an ever greater efficiency in proposing ourselves in international markets. earth are a distinctive element of enormous importance in the philosophy of the Le Cerasare cooperative. The quality of the products expresses the serious commitment that tends to continuous improvement, to ever greater objectives, to new development possibilities of the Le Cerasare cooperative.
In recent years we have optimized the manufacturing and packaging processes of our products, creating a strong synergy between traditional crops and latest generation technologies.
The systematic checks carried out by specialized personnel on the products have allowed us to impose ourselves on the markets with great results.


VIVERS VILADEGUT is a company born with the intention of providing a consultancy service to the agricultural sector for new plantations, new varieties and their management. The company is made up of a group of specialists in this sector with a high level of knowledge of “what, how and when” of each of the tasks related to the planting and exploitation of fruit trees.

Located in Soses, we have 180 Ha for the multiplication of the different products available.


HELIANDE was created in 1998 by a group of growers who wanted to put the quality of the fruit first, in terms of quality and taste. Since then the company has developed its reputation, especially through the LABEL ROUGE KIWI and the IGP KIWI DE L’ADOUR, which is the result of rigorous and high-level production processes.

The company’s participation in the consortium allows us to continue our growth by offering our members the opportunity to grow a high quality red kiwi.


Kiwi Passion

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